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Shall I continue help to write my sister's essay? watch

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    My sister is one year younger than me. My mum always says my sis doesn't have the ability to write essay and she doesn't have time. I actually don't want to help my sister to write up her essay because I am literally doing her homework for her... I have done that for most of my life...

    but my mum told me that as an older sister I should help my sister:/
    I have been helping her since secondary school. I remember we chose the same subject at school, my geography teacher said my sister is better than me because she can handled with her academic side and also the social side unlike me. ( I am those kind of student who can handled my academic side but struggling with social side) I was very upset about that. I didn't have much confidence when walking by my sister side. She seems to have it all.

    Until now, she is at uni and she is still asking me to write her essay up.
    A few days ago, I did wrote her introduction for her and I sturggled up to the main body of the essay... since I couldn't find any journals or things for that. Although I promised her to write the whole essay for her, I don't know how to write the second part. I asked if she could write from there. However, she said she didn't have time and my mum insisted that I should help her to do the whole essay for her. My mum thinks I am making excuses for not helping my sis. Also my mum said I should obligated the promise for writing the whole essay. I told her I struggled to write the second part of the essay and also this essay is not my responsibilty, why can't my sister finished it off?

    I don't know, am I actually being selfish ? or unreasonable ?

    She's in uni and still can't write her own essay?In my eyes ur better than her.Seriously?Wow. just let her write her own essay and if your mum asks then its time your sister became independent.
    You have your won work and you can't keep on writing these essays and work for her.Lol.She didn't have the time?You are one year older than her,so how busy will you be??
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    No offence to your mother but she’s the one being unreasonable and your sister is being selfish
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    Hi it's your sisters responsibility. The more you do for her, the more she will rely on you. I had a friend in my class like this. I helped a little - then she used to leave it to the last minute and ask to copy my work. I had to guide her away from relying on me and learning to work for herself. You should give her an outline of how to complete her essay (rough plan, where to find the info etc) and tell her that as she's at uni now she's got to get on with it. Also you have to learn how to tactfully let your mum know that you doing your sisters work is actually harming your sister in the long term. Try to ignore the conversations around this subject. There's loads of YouTube videos on how to handle these types of situations - and even more on how to develop study skills n especially how to write good essays!

    You're not selfish. She's at uni. Anything she does is expected to be hers. Everything she should have done prior to Uni was expected to be theirs as well. You can't write everything that she's meant to do. If she's struggling with making time to do assignments then that's on her, not you.

    Explain to your sister that you can't finish the essay due to not knowing how to then give her the rest of what you wrote.

    Focus on your own life. If you want to still help your sister, help them by giving input on what they've already wrote or by giving suggestions, not by doing all of their work for them.
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