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HELP - relationship drama watch

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    alright, so i've been going out with this guy -let's call him jack- for about ten months. but recently, i've noticed myself being unconsciously super flirty with this other guy and attracted to him -let's call him lewis- who i share a lot more in common with and spend more time with (mostly due to classes, but we meet up a lot outside school cause we share mutual friends). he flirts with me too. he constantly touches me and once he tried to kiss me. we've become really close. he's 'talking' to this other girl, but he tells me he's not so sure about her anymore. i spoke to jack. i told him that i needed to clear my head and we should go on a break. he was super understanding about it but i can tell i've hurt him.
    a part of me still likes jack and i don't know what to do. i don't think anything's gonna happen with me and lewis but i know i needed to do something and sort **** out if i'm flirting with other people behind his back. i think i was maybe just a bit bored and lonely when he's not around. but honestly, i don't know if the relationship will work out. but i miss him anyway. it's confusing, i know. what would you guys do in this situation?

    I would just go live in my mom's basement while studying horticulture and eating nothing but Chipotle from Uber eats for the rest of my life if I was you.

    However, in this post-Freudian age the institution of marriage, as a by-product of religiously-fuelled monogamy, has deteriorated to the point that amorphous sexual identity, as opposed to rigid religiosity, has become the primary self-defining feature of the individual.But has anything changed?Has the entrapment of woman via marriage which Blake called a "gilded cage" merely deteriorated to the "rusty prison" of the Bang Bus, representative of the anonymous male-centric sex and continued subjugation?

    stay broken up with him but stay in touch and see how you feel after a bit of space. tell your close friends and see what they have to say, it might clear your mind

    basically, no.
    end the relationships/ real or not and live your life
    thumbs up*
    from me

    you are beautiful
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