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I hate my sister , dads dead.

My half sister is very toxic. I’m 23 and she’s 33. She had her first kid at 20 and her second at 31 with different dads. Neither of the dads are involved and during the relationship she would be violent to them ( that’s all I know) really.

I find her very rude as in she doesn’t think before she speaks she makes remarks at my body image etc. she has been a naughty child when she was young and ran away from home and came back pregnant. Anyways when she did my mum obviously took her back because she was pregnant and we looked after the baby who is almost 11.

Anyways my dad( isn’t her dad) passed away a couple years ago and he left my mum £200k me £50 and my sis £50. I hate the fact he left her money because she don’t deserve it but I know he did it to avoid drama which it did kind of. Because she found out she was given money she argued badly with my mum over the money and what my mum would do with it , HE WASNT EVEN BURIED YET.

I obviously take it to heart because he’s my dad.

Anyways she got pregnant to a man she didn’t know for long 6 months after my dad passed away and now has dumped the baby on us twice a week because she is working and don’t have help. She’s very ungrateful and entitled. I personally wouldn’t help her but my mum obviously gives in.

I mean how many times will u mess a relationship up with a man to the point the man don’t even want the child and then we have to pick up the mess?!

She also said she wouldn’t have had the child if my dad didn’t leave her money.

I really don’t like her. Her morals are different to me. She always comes to me for advice because everyone even says I’m more mature than her and behaved. I never go to her for anything. She’s not a role model to me at all.

Is this normal that I really don’t like her. If my mum passed away ( god forbid) I would go very far away from my sister ( we don’t live together btw ).

How do I get over the hatred for my sister. I’ve looked after her first kid since I was 9. I refuse to do it now. I mean I do it when I want to but i don’t come out my way.

Because I’m busy on weekends with my boyf I don’t look after her baby so she leaves the baby with her oldest 11 year old to go clubbing. ( which I argued with her about how bad that is )

I don’t blame the men for wanting nothing to do with her. She’s toxic as hell.
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i feel sorry for you , maybe try cutting contact with her or move to another country perhaps.

seems like she is putting her problems to you

i hope you have a good life ahead !

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