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I'm getting a bit frustrated to be honest. I've tried waiting, tutoring and washing dishes in a dirty restaurant and all those jobs made me wanna cry and leave even though I never stayed for longer than 5 hours.
I know it doesn't sound like I've tried much but it's just bugging me that when I'm supposed to work I can't stop thinking about what time it is and when I'll be able to go back home again.
Work so far has made me nothing but unhappy tbh. Also it's really bugging me that most employers don't even pay minimum wage like seriously £5? They can't add 90p and do it properly?
I know there's nothing I can change about this but I mean so far none of my employers even asked for my NIN or asked me to sign a contract. It all seems quite dodgy and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

I also just feel uncomfortable like I'm never sure if I'm doing the job right. Atm I am waiting for a restaurant I worked at to reply and I feel like they'll just pay me and tell me they found someone better.
Anyway, I just don't know if I'll ever find a job that doesn't frustrate me.

I just feel like I'm not qualified to do an actual legit job that has a contract just because I lack experience which actually shouldn't be an issue but apparently it is.

Anyone got any ideas?
I'm so frustrated.
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Try shops, supermarkets, cinemas, fast food places etc.

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