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Tesco Induction Day

I have an induction day on Tuesday and i want to know what to expect, I also what to know any tips when i start working at tesco... btw this is my first job and I'm 18!!
Hi, I remember my induction day at Tesco.

There will be a group of you approx 8-10. You'll be taken to a training room, or a smaller office depends on how big the store is. You'll be handed a lovely booklet to fill out such as bank details, doctors, emergency contact. Following this you'll sit through hours of training videos and have to answer the questions in your booklet folloiwing the videos.

My induction was over two days and also featured a tour of the store. As far as tips go just listen carefully. I was a trolley persons so I was rather disconnected from the store. However keep an ear out for the staff announcement such as the call ups to the tills for multi skilled colleagues. Unless your role is a till colleague. If a customer needs help finding something never hesitate to get another experienced member of the team to help you find the product. End of the day confidence is the most important factor, you'll face all kinds of customers and it's important for you to keep your cool and try and enjoy yourself. Your colleagues are the people that'll keep you going and help you to enjoy your role so dont hesitate to get to know them, one of the best ways of doing this is by helping them with their tasks. Providing you have completed everything you need to do.

Keep your nose clean and out of bother, all the staff are on the same side so don't worry if you slip up, everyone makes mistakes!

Best of luck in your role and I hope it goes smooth for you, any further questions I'll be happy to assist.
How long does the induction take place

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