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Grade 9 for Spanish, Phrases I should use?

I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me some really good phrases to use for the Spanish speaking exam?

phrases like:
Siempre he querido - I've always wanted.

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Not sure if these are grade 9 phrases but:
1) Es pan comido (thank you Plantagenet Crown for correcting me!) - it's a piece of cake (idiom)
2) Me gustaría + verb - conditional tense
3) Cuando tenga + age + anos (with ~ on n) - When I have + age + years. - present subjuntive
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A lo hecho, pecho : what's done is done
al hambre no hay pan duro : beggars can't be choosers
es cosa sabida que : it goes without saying that...
más vale tarde que nunca : better late than never
Como te ha ido?: informal for 'how have you been!?'

Hope this helps- good luck for next week!

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