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Mum of two needs advice please

Hi all,

I am mum of two boys, 6 and 10. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Management (non UK) and work part-time in HR. I took a 3 years career break (childcare and carer responsibilities) which now makes me feel I am way behind others at my age.

I want to gain some confidence and hence aiming to apply for a degree course at a prestigious university, ideally LSE. I am overall enthusiastic about the idea and studying at LSE (if I get an offer) but feel so worried at the same time if I'd be able to study full time, work part time with a family to look after.

Is studying full-time very hard with work and family commitments? Should I opt for part-time? Or just leave the idea of going to the uni altogether?

I want to hear from other parents and working mums who've been in the same situation or know anyone who did this successfully.

Thank you.
If I were you I'd opt for part-time, but it really is up to you.

I'm currently studying part-time. I don't work at present but I have four kids (three of which, aged 9, 13 & 15) are home educated. I'm also carer to my husband. I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn't be able to cope with full time study.
I have three children 17, 13 and 5 and I’ve been given a conditional offer for Social Work in September 2023. We have our own business and I handle all of the admin for it and my husband works away most of the week. Im 43 and never studied at degree level so safe to say im ‘bricking it’. I honestly just think go for it! What’s the worst that can happen, you have to leave and you have the student debt, if you can handle that then just give it a go x
I totally get you. I had gotten accepted in LSE 10 years ago, but couldnt attend, so i just applied again last month. Ill be the oldest in the class probably, but i always wanted to do it. I think it really depends on the subject, if you already have studied it, im sure you can manage full time. But if its something different, like hr, data science etc, then its safer to go for part time. For your own happiness really. Plus, youll get to meet more people that way.

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