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Life of a Psychology Student

Hi everyone,

Are you interested in learning about the human mind? Do you enjoy researching different topics? Do you like to read people's minds? Well if you're answer is yes to any of these questions then Psychology is the course for you!

I am currently in my final year of Psychology at De Montfort University and I can say that I have learnt about so many different interesting topics and I have had the chance to develop some essential life skills. If you want to read about the course here is the link

I remember how excited I was to start my Psychology degree, how I was ready to broaden my knowledge from A level Psychology! One of the reasons I chose Psychology was because my A level teacher said hey tianna you would be a great Psychology tutor and that encouraged me to apply for Psychology at university.

DMU have made my experience so exciting and my passion for Psychology is now much stronger. In my first year, we learnt about many different areas of Psychology such as historical perspectives and one of my lecturers who was from America made it so fun and interactive! We also learnt about core areas such as biological psychology and personality psychology! I really enjoyed applying the information to the written assignments to help develop my essay skills. We also had to write up research reports based on interesting research and data sets! It is a very good skill to have.

Second year was a little more challenging I have to admit, but we did a very interesting module which was Psychology & Mental Health learning about all the different disorders! Also we got to conduct a group research project and present it to other students to help develop our presentation skills, my group looked at attitudes towards animal rights. We also did practical work using psychological equipment in biological psychology. I was so happy with my grades and so glad that I passed all my exams in order to make it to the final year.

Now, final year! Wow what a difference to the other years. I got to explore my favourite areas of psychology in more detail, work and education psychology. I want to go into Human Resources and luckily for me I have an interview for a HR graduate scheme next week! I also got to conduct my own research study and I investigated perfectionism, procrastination and motivation (maybe some things students know a lot about šŸ¤£). I hand in my dissertation and have my final exams very soon so I am hoping I do well and get to graduate this September!

Overall, Psychology is a really interesting course and if you are passionate about it and potentially want a career in it then maybe go and apply for a psychology degree at University. It is the best decision I have ever made and I look forward to see what my future brings.

I hope you have found this interesting and if you wish to know more about DMU come visit our open day on the 1st July

Thank You,
-Tianna :smile:
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