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uni of reading vs swansea uni vs uni of surrey vs sheffield hallam uni

my four options, all for psychology. what're we thinking?
Original post by kiremio
my four options, all for psychology. what're we thinking?
Which couse do you prefer?

Place-wise Swansea or Reading
Do any of them have a work placement - always valuable.
As above, Reading and Swansea are good choices.
Original post by kiremio
my four options, all for psychology. what're we thinking?

Hi @kiremio ,

I can only comment on Sheffield Hallam so I thought I'd give you my input!

All four seem like good choices and I'm sure you would enjoy all of them!

I like Sheffield Hallam because everyone is friendly and helpful and the tutors are always happy to help if I have a question. The campus is also well located and easy to access and there are lots of accommodations available near to each campus! The accommodation is also well priced and I didn't pay that much for my first year halls, although of course this varies depending on which accommodation you choose!

I also like Sheffield as a city as there is always fun things to do! I like it for shopping and also love going to Meadowhall which is a 5 minute train journey! I also like going out and always have fun on a night out here as there are loads of students who all go to similar places which makes for a really fun night out! It's also cheap and there are always lots of offers on on nights our which is really good. There are also lots of good places to eat and lots of these are well prices for students too. Something else I really love which I would recommend going to if you choose Sheffield is the botanical gardens which are really close to collegiate campus. It's a lovely place to walk around, especially on a warm day and it's just a really peaceful place just next to uni!

If you haven't already, I would suggest visiting all of the different places as it can really help you to get a feel for the place and this is what helped me to decide! I know that Hallam is doing applicant open days which is a really good way to combine looking around the city with going to an open day and meeting people who might be on your course, tutors and look at different accommodations. This is the link:
All of your choices may be doing this too so have a look!

I would also suggest you use this 'chat to a student' feature that Hallam have, where you can ask questions to a current student. You can ask any questions and a student who is studying psychology will try and answer as quickly as they can and they can give you more specific advice about the course, modules, exams etc.

I'm sure you will make the right decision for you and have a great university experience wherever you choose!

I hope this helps,
Lucy - SHU student ambassador.
Original post by kiremio
my four options, all for psychology. what're we thinking?
Hey @kiremio,

Great to hear you're interested in coming to Reading! Although I'm sure you've already seen it, I'd encourage you to check out our online Psychology prospectus to find out in more detail about the Psychology courses we offer, but there's a huge range from Foundation Year to Integrated Masters or joint honours degree. One of my housemates just finished our Bsc Psychology course and absolutely loved the range of teaching, learning and assessment formats, as well as how supportive her personal tutor and lecturers were, especially in regards to the more challenging stuff such as statistics.

I would encourage you to think a little more broadly about your course though - what is it about Psychology you like? What else do you want to get out of your uni experience - work experience, campus societies, ease of travel, accommodation? Personally, I chose Reading over my other options because, as well as loving the look of my course, I could really see myself here as a student after attending the Open Day and later a Visit Day for offer holders. There's so much to do on campus, a thriving students' union, incredibly supportive careers, advice and wellbeing services, as well as a ridiculous amount of opportunities and schemes to help you gain work experience and network with people to set you up for a career later down the line. Make sure you check out our general student life pages for more information, and maybe have a look at our student's union, too.

I hope this helps! Any other questions, please let us know!
Kat :smile:
MA Diplomacy Student
Original post by kiremio
my four options, all for psychology. what're we thinking?
Hi there!

I'm happy to hear you're considering Surrey =)

Upon visiting the course page, did you like the look of the modules you'd be studying here? Universities offer different modules, and a big factor in many students' uni decisions is what they'll be studying specifically. On the course page, you can also read about the facilities provided, and what placement opportunities to expect and look out for. You will also find student feedback there.

Regarding student life, you can speak with our psychology students through our Unibuddy chat feature here, and ask course-specific questions, as well as get a better feel for what it's like studying in Guildford, and what the campus is like. You might also find the Student Life page useful, because there you can read further student stories, and watch videos about living in Guildford as a Surrey student, and life on campus =)

I hope this helps!

Accounting and Finance BSc

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