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What do I do in this relationship situation

So basically I've been dating this girl I really quite like for a couple of months. However it is a long distance online relationship and we've never met each other in real life.

But I also really like this boy and I know him in real life. He also might like me back with how he acts with me.

I really like my girlfriend but I also want to experience actual dating in the real world but this boy might not even like me back.

Please give me advice what should I do?!?
Hi there. Why don't you arrange to meet up with the guy and just hang out together - see where it leads? I don't know whether you are male or female, or the sexuality of your friend, but if you don't explore then you'll never know. What have you got to lose? Long distance online relationships are never easy, particularly if you are not able to meet. You don't really know whether you are compatible until you have spent some time together.

Good luck with whatever you chose to do - let us know how it goes.
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That's a little difficult. I was born a girl but I don't identify with any gender. He's a boy. And I kinda texted him before February half term and we had a nice little conversation but I texted him again recently and he left me on read. And we're not friends so it seems really weird asking to hang out and he'd probably know I liked him which would be absolutely mortifying.

Also the girl that I'm dating, I know she also has a crush on a straight girl so she's in a similar but not quite same situation as me and I think we both know that, but neither of us want to break up because we really like each other I think. We've known each other since late November/early December 2020 btw
I understand how difficult it can be when you like someone but don't know how to proceed. I guess you would need him to engage with you in some way to enable things to progress. Do you have classes with him? If so, maybe message him about some coursework to get the conversation going.

With regards your friendship with the other girl, this doesn't need to change. If you are both happy then that's great.
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I have a few classes with him I'm going to talk to him on Friday morning when we have science together and we sit on the same table.


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