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Like to marriage relationship with white woman

How can a black guy get an Arab girl? Are Arab girls into black guys? Why or why not? If they are, what's the best way to approach one?
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Different women often have very different attraction and marriage dealbreakers.
Sometimes connected with appearance, citizenship status, family traditions, religion and political background.
It depends on the ambitions and preferences of the specific woman.

It is important to remember that some arab countries do not allow citizenship to be inherited from any female ancestors, only the males.
Often through the paternal line focusing upon father and grandfather, with just one often viewed as insufficient to pass on the citizenship to the child.
So if an arab woman wants her children to inherit the same citizenship that she has for such an arab nation she may have a marriage dealbreaker requiring all potential male spouses to be eligible citizens with citizen fathers and grandfathers prior to the marriage.
Of course, some women do not mind whether a future child will be eligible to hold citizenship of an arab country from the time of birth.
Plenty want their future children to have usa or eu citizenship eligibility not middle eastern.

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