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I am a final year student who had had the worsy two years in university I developed a long term mental health condition, i actually throw up when I see objective questions and answers right now I can’t do any type of timed assessments . I submitted ECs for resit assessments because I was advised to as there was no such thing as deciding not to do a certain module . I applied for the ECs and they were granted but today I found out that the EC group only sent EC for one module and the other module was discarded . I’m just sick of it , the exam board is done with collating results and I just found out they didn’t input EC for the module that especially needs it, that module is a timed assessment.
It sounds like you should take a year away from studying to work on your mental health if you’re so unwell. That would probably have been a better idea than applying for mitigation. Generally mitigation will only be available for individual modules - if your situation is affecting all of your studies then taking a break and suspending your studies is a better option.

Your SU should be able to help you navigate your university regulations.

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