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awkward with my dad

I have this relationship with my dad where we just say hi in passing. we have casual passing convo like did you eat and what time did you wake up?I sometimes even find it awkward to be in a room with just me and him bc it’s just too silent.
I have tried extending and striking up convo myself but he doesn’t say much. He will say a few words and sit there in silence. He’s like that with me and my sister. My sister talks to him WAY more than I too just talking about the most random things even though he doesn’t say much. I feel so guilty for not being like that but sometimes i think maybe he doesn’t want to talk? idk. He talks to my mother a lot and to his friends but there are very silent moments with my mum too.
I’m not too sure what to do. I understand it’s his personality and he’s such an amazing father but i just wish we had a really close bond like some people i know have with their fathers.
I want to change things before it’s too late.
How can I go about this?
Thank you
Hi, that's a significant step you are taking toward strengthening the bond between you and your father.
I think you should try to do outdoor activities with him to talk about what you are doing.
But here is a way to bring him closer, acts of service. Help your paps accomplish some of the repetitive things you see him do, show him you care as a child, maybe that bond will develop from there.
I hope this helps.

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