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(Quasi) EU student question on Ireland free fees/EU fees

I am an EU citizen (Spain) who grew up in the U.S. (it's a long story, and it involves a disruption due to COVID), but long story short, I needed to move to Spain because I didn't have access to healthcare... also a long story, whose details I will not divulge on here but just trust me when I say that I had no other options but to move to Spain.

I was recently accepted to univeristy in Ireland but I will have only been a tax registered EU resident for 2 years this coming December so I am subject to international fees. I would have to take out a loan to attend this year because I simply cannot afford it. I was wondering if anyone knew if I would be eligible for EU fees the next year if I applied as a transfer student for advanced entry to another Irish university as an EU applicant. My understanding from what I have been told is that once you commit to fee paying regime in one univesity, you cannot change it. So that is where the idea of applying for year two entry at another Irish university came from (I am also, frankly, more interested in this particular other university 's version of the degree so that provides a little extra impetus). Thanks for any help or guidance you can offer.

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