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Unis in the UK or another country in the EU

As of recently I’ve found out I am able to get an Irish passport. Originally I planned to go to uni in the UK as i live here. However, this opens new opportunities as Ireland is still part of the EU. From what I can see many countries in the EU have significantly cheaper costs for uni. Would it be better to go to a UK uni or a different one?
This is a very personal question and will hugely depend on what you want to study as well as what you'd like to do and how much money your family has.

Countries in the EU do have significantly cheaper fees - from what I remember when I checked this, university in Spain was only a couple hundred of euros. Italy was more expensive but it was only around the one or two thousand euros mark. I last checked this years ago so prices have probably gone up a bit but hopefully not that much. Your living expenses will also probably be cheaper too BUT this will all be coming out of your pocket. You will get no financial help at all from the UK government, so your family needs to be in a position to afford this or you need to try and figure out a way to fund university and your living expenses.

Also, a very important consideration, is that lessons won't be taught in English (except in Ireland). So you'll need to know the language of the country in which you want to study. Probably best to figure out which country you'd like to go to study first before continuing to consider this question.

I'd imagine studying abroad can be great fun and for most degrees it won't matter if you studied abroad but depending on what you want to study, it might be better to study in the UK - want to study psychology? Absolutely terrible idea to study in the EU. Not that their teaching is bad but foreign psychology degrees currently aren't recognised in the UK so upon your return you'd find that you cannot become a psychologist in the UK without re-doing the degree over here. This is an extreme case though, for most degrees it'll make little to no difference - but make your own research.

The answer to your question basically boils down to if you can afford going abroad and if you'd rather study abroad. There is no inherent advantage studying in the EU vs studying in the UK or viceversa.

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