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Do you guys get responses on your matches on hinge?

I got 2 matches and i texted both of them and neither one of them responded. Is this normal?
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Original post by Anonymous
I got 2 matches and i texted both of them and neither one of them responded. Is this normal?

I do get likes, but I sometimes not too keen on them unfortunately.
Hinge is usually for people who are looking for something serious.
If your profile is active for long enough, you can sometimes build up a large number of likes.

Getting matches who don't respond can be commonplace. There are usually several possible reasons for this:

The person is busy, but if they haven't responded in a few days I'd move on - I'm guilty of this myself

The person is just looking for attention and you are just another person in their tally chart

The person is shy and is very reluctant to communicate

The person finds you intimidating (and can even fear rejection), which would more or less make it next to impossible to form any relationship with them

The person is struggling to say anything creative/smart or in anyway maintaining some sort of positive impression (online dating can make people fickle, so you would need one he*l of an impression to stick)

The person is flooded with other matches and have a hard time keeping track with everyone - not a good call, and not a good excuse either

The person is trying to get a second opinion on you with his/her friends to see whether to go ahead - not sure if this is a good reflection on them if you never met before

There may be more reasons, but the above should cover most of the cases.

I don't have a good way of dealing with the above. I personally prefer to meet people up in person since you can't really tell much from a profile and the people on popular apps tend to be flooded with messages from other people. (If the app isn't popular, the pool is significantly smaller.)
I would say that's pretty normal for 2 messages, (for the reasons detailed in the post above).

I would persist, just don't spam unsuitable matches.

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