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I hate that I can't approach this girl next to me..any advice?

She's sitting right next to me. But I'm just used to dating apps and smart phones. I've had limited success with that but I guess something is possible. But back to the topic, this real life like it was before the tech revolution. I can't believe I can't interact socially or flirt. Can anyone help me with a way of approaching and flirting? And conversation? She's at the next table in the library.
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Modern women are scary too. For reference she doesn't look that approachable but she did sit at the next table. She's not conventionally attractive so maybe doesn't get approached much??
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The likely explanation for her not looking approachable is that she doesn’t want to be approached. A library is not a primary dating environment, although you can have flirting there, but if your not getting any acknowledgment let it be, she’s studying and not interested. Rather get out and about to a some pubs where singles hang out with friends and practice interacting. You can learn some flirting technique from more successful mates
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Just go over and introduce yourself. Why do people nowadays make it seem so hard to have a normal interaction?

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