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Someone created a government gateway account with my details. I contacted HMRC and they are investigating but they said the person would need a lot of my information, passport/NI number etc to be able to validate the account. I've not sent it to anyone and it is stored securely where no one has touched it. The only times I've given these details is when I've started employment with companies.

How would someone have obtained this and why would they want to access it ?
I believe the government has had a couple of data breaches in the last few years, so it may have been your information was exposed this way. Although I think they normally notify individuals if their data was affected. Otherwise it might be one of the companies you provided the information for employment purposes suffered a data breach - as again, this has been on the rise lately with a lot of companies affected (mainly big corporate ones though).

For "why would they want to access it", that is easy - identify theft and fraud.
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