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I hate my teeth

Long story short, I hate my teeth.

I suffered a traumatic accident when I was a kid, broke a lot of teeth, burst my gums, you name it. I had to get x-rays of my teeth, was put to sleep to have teeth removed and I reacted extremely badly to these procedures due to my newly developed phobia (and assuming some sort of PTSD). Parents punished me instead of helping me through what was obviously a stressful time and just never took me to a dentist again, so here I am years later with crooked ass, janky teeth.

I do clean them regularly but they are so unsightly it has led me to extremely dark and negative thoughts constantly. I cannot smile at all as my teeth showing is something I refuse to do if I can help it, and it has led me down a path of so much self-loathing it's overwhelming. How can I be really happy if I can't smile?

I'm also over 18 so I can't get free braces and well, I'm a broke student. Go figure.

Open to resolutions as always, but if anything just needed to rant a little.. :frown:

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