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Should I accept my Accomodation Offer if I'm interested in clearing to another univer

Im looking to find clearing for another university because I believe I can aim for a better university. My accommodation is at Uo. Leicester.

I'm not sure if accepting the contract will sort of legally bind me to going to Leicester, but at the same time I don't want to lose accomodation incase I can't find clearing. What do you think I should do?

Also a bonus question if anyone can answer it - If I'm considering a gap year, could I cancel the offer if I proceed through with it?

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Look at the conditions of the Leicester accom offer especially anything about 'cancellation'.
If it isnt clear what any penalty would be, phone the Uni's Accom Office and ask.

If you mean a gap year at Leicester, yes you would need to cancel this year's accom and you would get sent an email in the middle of next year about applying for accom for 2024.

Just be aware that you can't get a place through Clearing for 2024 entry - for that you would need to put in an entirely new 5-choice UCAS application in the autumn

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