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EPQ resource help!!

Hi, I'm doing my epq on the impact lgbt representation on tv has on viewers self-esteem but i'm really struggling with the research side of things. I know what I want to say but I'm so bad at finding resources to references. If anyone knows of any books, articles, academic journals, research papers etc. that could link to this topic, I'd be very grateful!!
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I just did a quick google of 'Importance of LGBTQ+ representation in tv' and this article is one of the first things which came up.

Listed at the bottom of this article are the 2 sources they used and you can look through these for more information.

Remember that an EPQ is all about research and it is much easier if you phrase your research topic as a question and try to answer it. You might know what you want to say but you will get higher marks by showing how you formed your conclusions and discussing different sources. Did you agree or disagree with the sources? Why? Did a source change your mind? Of course you will need many more sources than just these and probably ones from different sides of the argument but if you have access to the internet you should have no trouble finding more.

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