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what is the best place for a camp with friends?
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Original post by Orla9099
what is the best place for a camp with friends?

A campsite? Probably with nice showers and for me, near a pub.
i'm not sure about a specific camping place, but i would choose a place with showers and no animals
The field behind The Rusty Gate in Brookleigh, you'll have some cracking goats watching you from the other side of the stream. Also a turnip field. What more could you want?
National Trust campsites tend to be in nice places, well kept and have good facilities. They also serve criminally amazing bacon sandwiches for breakfast :smile:
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There are a lot of good places, but it really has to be near the shower and with comfort, I like traveling, but so that all the equipment is at hand, good tents, burners, if it's hot, portable rv air conditioner and chargers
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This time of year I would recommend going for a hostel (either independent or YHA) instead of camping.
The new forest is good or maybe go abroad somewhere like Spain the campo is beautiful.

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