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LSBU Radiography Interview

How can I prepare for an interview?, Can you list exemplar common questions about NHS scenarios ,university interviewers ask about in interviews
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Hopefully this makes sense
Hi @jaejae

I am happy to hear you are interested in joining LSBU and congratulations on receiving an internview!

The interview is a 15-minute chat with one of the course tutors who will assess your suitability, creativity and commitment to the course.

Therefore, please remember that the interviewer will not try to trip you up on any questions. They will simply want to get to know you as a person, your interests, passions and career plans, to see if you are the right student for the course.

The questions vary so in order to do your best at the interview, follow the checklist below:

1. Be clear, confident and convincing about your reasons for choosing this career.
2. Be sensitive and compassionate.
3. Reflect on your personal qualities, skills and what you have learnt through any placement’s or work experience when presenting your answers.
4. Stay calm and collected; take your time to consider your answers.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,

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