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Hi. I am have applied through clearing and I failed requirements since I had to deal with the death of a relative in the last year making me underachieve the predicted grades. I thought that I am going to take a gap year. I had another meeting with my university counsellor at the end of August and they said that it is still better to apply through clearing because I am still likely to get places. I still had a little hope and finally at the beginning of September I got an offer from Kent and was extremely grateful. I accepted and now am applying to enrol. I told myself that the only reason I might not go there is if Reading give me an offer. I was preparing and 3 days after I gave up and was ok. So today, which is 5 days after those 3 days, while getting ready to finalise my options. I received an email saying that I got accepted into Reading. I like the course more but I prepared more for Kent. What do you think I should do? What do you think may be the best experience and facilities general environment to be with and quality of life? The options are University of Kent doing Management with a Foundation Year or in the University of Reading studying Business and Management with a Foundation Year. Thank you.
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If you prefer Reading then go to Reading 😊
Hi @petern_,

Seems like everything worked out perfectly for you ;-)

I believe that since you've wanted to go to Reading and you have received your offer from them, you should take advantage of that.

Also the universities are both very good and the courses are quite similar but you might be glad that your course in Reading features BOTH Business and Management, while the one in Kent offers only Management.

Wishing you best of luck!

Kind regards,

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