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My Football Calories

So I go to my local park to do 2 hours of football and I was wondering how many calories I am burning in the 2 hours if i am running up and down the cage and practicing skills and shooting and everything else?
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Skills work won't burn that many calories. Running up and down will require the most energy, especially with lots of direction changes. No one can tell you how many calories you're burning as it depends on how heavy you are, how intensely you are running around, and amount of running vs skills work. Any number anyone gives you will be a guess plucked out of thin air, just like the 500 - 1000 kcals I'm plucking out of thin air right now. It's probably somewhere around there.
oh okay thanks for your help but if i did lose from 129-98 KG all from football and the way i play does that mean its working and is good for me?
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When you say it's working, you mean for weight loss? If so, that's clearly the case. You've lost weight. All that matters for weight loss is burning more calories than you eat. This includes calories you burn just sitting there staying alive. The calorie burn from football adds to that.
Okay thanks

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