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Should I go to university or resit/gap year? Don't know what degree to do.

I got BCD and am not sure what degree to do. Should I take a gap year and retake my A-levels to get probably ABB? My parents said it doesn't matter what degree I do or what university I go to I will have the same chance of getting a job as everyone else with different degrees from different universities, so I will only be a year behind if I don't go to uni this year, no benefit.
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I'm not sure about resitting
What I would say what helps with getting a job is skills and work experience as well as doing a degree
Personally I took a gap year just to have a year off and prepare more for uni, during this time I did many things that scared me such as getting a train myself (I know that isn't a problem for many) but also volunteered at a charity shop, Brownies and I volunteered half time in an office and half teaching a primary school so for me I developed so many personal skills as well as skills that will help me getting a job that I wouldn't have had a chance to do if I just went to university so that might be something to think about as well
Hi @NightCap,

I believe that if you're not sure what course to study and at what university, it would be best for you to take a gap year.

During this year, you could of course study for your resits if you decide to take them, but also it would be the ideal time to find your true passions and interests. For example, join clubs or societies and apply to jobs or internships to gain new skills, experiences as well as perspectives, in order to see which course are you interested in and what career would you like to pursue.

Remember you are young and fresh out of school, there is still time for you to decide so there is no need to rush and apply to university to study a course you are not even interested in. Prioritise your mental health and well-being.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,
Hi there,

Personally I wouldn't rush into anything if you're still not sure about what you want to do. A gap year might be a good chance to take some time out and have a think about what career you would like to go into and therefore what degree choice would fit you best.

Resitting may be an option but is only necessary dependent on what degree you choose. There are lots of degrees and universities you could be admitted to with these so have a look at some of the requirements to decide on what you need.

Otherwise I would recommend getting some experience and building up your CV. There are many opportunities to develop your skills and gain some experience in your field which will both be useful in applying to university and for future jobs.

Good luck with everything!
- Sophie (uni of Bath)

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