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Why do I keep on getting acne on my forehead and pimples and they leave long dark scary I use benzoyl it works but I keep on coming back I'm really insecure about it any advice?
Hi :smile: Acne is a totally normal thing that many people have and there's no reason to be ashamed of it. I am by no means an expert so I recommend that you see a GP about it, but I can tell you about my personal experience with acne.

Acne can be triggered by different things such as diet, your environment, your hygiene, your skin type, and your mental health. It could also be due to hormones, bacteria or fungi which is why there are different treatments that may not work for everyone's skin type and acne type. It's something that won't just go away one day to the next and won't go away with a single treatment - you need to constantly look after your skin to reduce acne and acne scarring. Idk how old you are, but acne is very common during puberty so it's possible that it may reduce greatly on its own as you grow older and your hormones stabilise.

Changes that you can make without seeing a GP that may help are to make sure you use a facial cleanser such as cerave or uriage (these are recommended by my dermatologist) every morning and every night to keep your face clean. A moisturizer in the mornings is also a good idea - I use one with SPF to protect my skin from the sun which is important too. Things like changing your pillow sheets every week and using a separate, softer towel (maybe a microfiber one if you have one) to dry your face would also help keep your face clean. You don't necessarily need to make changes to your diet if you don't want to, but if you eat a lot of fast food or a lot of dairy products that could contribute to your acne. It's not necessary to cut them out, but maybe just make sure you don't eat them everyday. My acne got really bad when I did a semester abroad in the US - their food contains so much more sugar and fats, and I was also very stressed and overwhelmed by the workload. Once I came back and ate better food my acne got better loll. But also, if you're stressed, make sure you give yourself sometime to relax or meditate. Exercise and fresh air can also help with that.

In terms of medications, my acne was so stubborn that I had to get an antibiotic prescribed which is why I recommend seeing a GP or dermatologist. Something that you could purchase yourself without a prescription (I think) is salicylic acid. Apply a thin layer to your washed and dried face where you have acne every night. It might cause dryness at the start, but if the dryness persists you can use it once every other day. It depends on how sensitive your skin is. I also have another topical treatment, but that is prescribed too.

The key with acne is patience and consistency. Not many people have completely clear skin - a lot of models on social media use professional (and expensive) make-up as well as filters to cover up any imperfections in their skin. So I know that it's very easy to be insecure about it, but with care it will slowly go away and your skin can heal a lot.
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Why do I keep on getting acne on my forehead and pimples and they leave long dark scary I use benzoyl it works but I keep on coming back I'm really insecure about it any advice?

Maybe try to keep hair off the forehead? Shampoo can be a secret cause of acne as it causes oil buildup on the scalp :smile:
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You don't need to be take any tension about it's natural just keep you stomach cool and norml by eating cool foods .

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