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A-Level History Coursework

Hi my history coursework question is 'How far can Hitler be blamed for the outbreak of WW2'.

I am already considering factors such as the Treaty of Versailles, Appeasement, Hitler's Foregin Policy and the League of Nations. Are these enough factors or should I have more?

The books I have at the moment are 'Appeasing Hitler - Tim Bouverie', 'Origins of Second World War - R.J Overy', 'Origins of Second World War - Victor Mallia-Milanes' and 'Hitler, Appeasement and the Road to War - Graham Derby' any other reccomendatiosn would be helpful.

Also I'm finding it difficult to flesh out points made in the books as they simply state it and move onto something else without explaining it (they probably do and I'm jsut not reading into it very well)

Any help would be much appreciated thank you
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You'd probably be best of talking to your teacher as the specifics will vary between exam boards but 4 factors should, to my understanding, be enough, just make sure they're all sufficiently different. In terms of fleshing out the points, what I did for mine (AQA) was essentially just find loads of facts and make sure you *actually* understand why, say appeasement, was important for the breakout of WWII and then you may find it easier to decipher the arguments made by the historians

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