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Dropping out of University in Third Year

I previously attended a uni for 2 years then transferred to my now uni. I'm currently in third year of a four-year course. I am autistic and have previously had contact with disability services. I just feel really unwelcome in my course since I started last year. Another girl on my course transferred this year because she was feeling the same way. It doesn't help that most people on my course are 30+ and I don't have anything in common with them. I didn't attend any classes last term but still passed my assessments with pretty good marks. I've been going to classes for last few weeks but it has been really difficult for me and I ended up spending most of the day last week crying because of it.
Not to be mean but a lot of people on my course aren't very bright. A girl in my class was telling her group that they were going to do a presentation on ableism despite being neurotypical. She said that's he didn't understand why autistic people were in mainstream classes in school and that instead they should be in basic maths, English and cooking classes instead so they can get something out of life. Maybe it's cause I'm autistic but it just really rubbed me the wrong way and especially the fact that no one was disagreeing with her or saying anything against her. We have to do group work assignments for 2 classes and I don't have a group. We were told to find our own groups but everyone already seems to be in them and one of the lecturers said we can't work alone like I usually would. I find the academic work easy but the social side really difficult.
I don't think it helps that I don't get any support despite having had a disability needs assessment from the university. I'm just so sick and tired of feeling drained and constantly left out in class. I'm thinking of dropping out as I don't know how much more of it I can take.
I currently have a job at the uni offering student support and I am due to go on a trip to work with German foster children. I'm worried about dropping out and how it will affect these things. As the trip is already booked and payed for etc.
Any advice would be helpful.
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Dropping out is the nuclear option. I understand how you are feeling and why (those people sound awful), but it really would be a BIG decision this late in the day.

I'm not sure what to advise you. As part of my work I deal with disability support and I have some particular expertise with autistic people - I am aghast at the lack of support that you are (not!) getting from the institution. Normally I'd say you ought to kick up a stink about this and ask for some accommodations, but from what you've said, I don't know what good it would do.

I'd probably still be minded to try, perhaps with the support of your student union if possible. I think you should give yourself a fighting chance before hitting the eject button on the course, but that's very easy for me to say, less easy for you to do.
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