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Reconsidering my degree choice

I’m starting my first year of my Geology degree and a week in, I’m debating whether I’ve made the right choice. My A-Levels in Geology, Geography and Maths resulted in BCD so I made my insurance choice. I feel as though the pressure to go to uni meant I just accepted it and the decision to continue Geology was because It was my best subject and had an interest in the field. I currently don’t really think I want a career in geoscience and want to switch to an entirely new subject which has always inspired me and I could see myself working in. As im here through insurance, my accommodation is basic and very far from the campus, so pursuing sports clubs and societies is impossible due to lack of transport and being unsafe at night alone. The area I’m in isn’t very nice either even during the day.

My ‘gut’ is saying to leave and take a gap year to get a part time job and rethink what I would like to do, possibly reapply for the next academic year. It means I might have to take a foundation year due to my grades but I’d rather do that then stay in a degree and place that makes me unhappy.

Anybody who’s been in a similar position with some advice or what they chose to do would be really appreciated 🙌
If you're not confident it's what you want don't put yourself in the debt. I started a science degree because I was good at it. Had no passion for it and just stopped doing any work after a couple of months. However, I'm now studying for my current degree whilst working full time and paying off the debt from the science degree. It kind of sucks.

I'm now a fair bit older and have gone into something I love. I had to go part time as when you start working full time you begin to rely on that money. I had science A levels and am now studying the arts, combined with being out of education for so long I'm on a foundation year. Which as I'm part time is actually two years. Yay me! I was upset about it at first especially seeing as I got into uni off the back of an essay, thus proving I could write to the required standard. The course lead tried to swing it but admissions were having none of it.

I considered not attending at all, as whilst I was in education previously foundation years were something you did if you weren't academic enough and there was a stigma attached to them. But I knew I wanted to study the subject matter so pushed forward with it. I know I made the right decision and I'm now approaching my 2nd year of 6!

I wouldn't necessarily say I've enjoyed the first foundation year. Being able to study is nice and gives me something to do but the widely generic topics are a bit frustrating. The lecturers have been knowledgeable and engaging throughout which is a plus. I have found some of the assignments mind numbing though. I am not doing a degree in geography yet I studied it for a full term last year.

My advice is take the year and work out what you want to do. I gained confidence and experience from working that led me to choose a career path I never would have previously. I've travelled, worked with and for people from various backgrounds and learnt various skills I now apply in my studies. I find I have an easier time on my current course than many of the younger candidates. (Those who come straight out of sixth-form.)

Also it's OK to not attend uni at all. They push onto you in school that it's the be all and end all. I even remember feeling such a failure for not going to uni, which was why I pushed myself into the science. It's really not that big a deal though, with a little overtime I make £40k a year with no qualifications. I don't need to go to uni but I want to for building knowledge and skills. I won't get a better job in the field than what I'm already doing. It's okay to go into work instead of study. It's okay to go back to study at any given point. Do what makes you happy and comfortable.

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