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is he going to come back??

i know i shouldn't expect him to come back but i cant help but hope as it consumes me. the breakup occurred a month ago now but there are things that have happened that convince me otherwise that its not the end.

- during the breakup i had asked two questions "do you think there will be another time in the future that we will end up with each other again" and "do you think that we are made for each other", he had replied "yes if we were better" to both. he has never lied or hurt me during the relationship he has always been genuine.

- he has promised to keep my things in his room and to keep my plant alive

- i know social media doesnt reflect anything but all his family members still follow me and views my stories, i bring this up as they are aware that we are broken up but they hadnt unfollowed me, compared to his exs that have cheated and they removed instantly (i could see a point of them removing the others due to the extreme circumstance)

- two weeks after the break up, we exchanged things. i had given him a letter i wrote and he had given me his nintendo switch to keep as i am bored easily. and im pretty sure he told me he loves me (reason im not entirely sure is because i had headphones in) and he beeped at me driving past me

- his response to the letter was basically saying "thank you for the letters i'll make sure no one reads them as they're personal. good luck with uni and be safe"

however he has removed me on all platforms and our only contact was through text, however i have blocked it as i couldnt help myself but message him

i know its pretty stupid but there were times where i would ask if he loved me still or if there would be a time in the future and he wouldnt answer - but its not like he replied to me in general anyway.

the reason for the break up was i suppose that his efforts drifted slightly as soon as he started work (he works 40 hours so i understand that it is draining) but it got to the point where he rarely would text me outside of work (wasnt cheating or anything like that) and this made me upset, then it was a continuous cycle that it got to the point where i became angry and demanding. he said that this time was for himself and not to become a "bachelor" but i cant help but overthink
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Hes not coming back, he is going to be banging a fresh girl

i wouldnt say so, he doesnt sleep around
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i wouldnt say so, he doesnt sleep around

He will trust me after a break up especially if it was his first

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