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Didn’t pass urine for around 7-8 hours at school

Hi all so normally I do tend to become dehydrated (even more at school) as I get too busy in my lessons and forget to drink meaning that I don’t pass urine at school often. Normally I’d go to the toilet in the morning (I do everyday) and then go to the toilet at school twice. Today however, I just go too busy in my work at school that I held in my urine and didn’t go until around 7-8 hours later. I went to the toilet in the morning at around 7.40am and then at school went to the toilet at about 2.42pm. Then I got worried but I drank more water and then I went to the toilet again before leaving school. When I got home I made sure to keep hydrated and passed urine about 4 times. I don’t know why I was so worried that I kept my urine in for so long as now when I think of it when we sleep pretty much all of us we don’t usually need the toilet at night during about 8-10hours of sleep. A website also said
“However, depending on the size of the person, the bladder can hold as much as 900 to 1500 ml. It takes your body 9 to 10 hours to make about 400 - 500ml of urine. That's the amount of time you can stay in and remain in a safe zone where holding your pee isn't likely to damage your organs.”

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