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Student Finance claim 2nd degree due to disability

I have recently been accepted into a BSc Vet Nursing course (which has been difficult enough in itself as the Uni messed up my application). I have already got a BSc and an MSc and understand that under normal circumstances I would not get any funding. However, I became disabled, now use a wheelchair full time, have Fibromyalgia but have 2 children to support and my husband is my carer. I am therefore applying because my original qualifications cannot be used because I am now disabled (qualification in sports science). I kept believing that I could still pursue my career but my physical limitations have prevented this. Therefore to have any chance at a career I am trying to start again and do another BSc. Student Finance have so far send 2 automated emails saying that I already have qualifications but I have put supporting evidence with it and that I get PIP for my disability. On both occasions nobody has read it. I don't want to end up with having to pay back money for my course but at the moment I don't know what else I am supposed to do. Do I speak to them again, appeal, keep going, or give up on trying again? Any help would be really appreciated