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so i was raelly ******* stupid to have done this . i have an admissions test with wolsey hall for y11 igcse. i received the tests and opened maths without reading the instructions. i saw the timer begin but i only scrolled and caught a glimpse of the first question i swear before exiting and talking to my friends. THEN I REMMEBERED THERE WAS A TIMER. so i got scared adn opened it again after 30 mins. it was ******* running. iT WAS AN HOUR AND 30 MINS AT FRIST AND WHEN I OPENED IT IWAS ONLY AN HOUR LEFT. I i exited so fast AND TOLD MY FRIENDS. im legit ******** my pants. my dad told me to take it on thursday and im not ready for the test yet because i wanted to review and answer it honestly. I DONT KNOW WHHY THE **** I HAD TO OPEN IT. I dont know how to explain it to my parents or the school. theyre gonna kill me. i have an english test left which ill do tomorrow. please idk what to even do at this point im so scared its my frist time taking an official test in three years too because ive been homeschooled. my head aches and i feel like crying
Contact the school and tell them that you haven't started yet but accidentally had the timer running? No need to stress if they're happy to reset it.

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