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Struggles of chemistry

What challenges have you encountered in your A-level chemistry studies, and what has been your most significant struggle so far?
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for me, i am struggling with homework. i do great on my tests but my homework is dreadful. its even more shameful today as i got E for the first time on my chem homework and i am aiming for an A star. i simply just dont know how to go about it. i have started revising for chem from the very start but my prob is my teachers are contantly giving homework on topics i have yet not revised . and because i have a system of how i am revising for chem. the homework not just asks me to go over the topics that i have not reached yet in terms of my revision but also affect my revision for other topics as i am constantly doing chem homework. also some questions in the homework are impossible for me so they take up all the time

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