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Do I have a chance realistically

Hello everyone I am a international student planning to apply to LSE in a few weeks. I take the IB and my predicted scores came out as a 41, with 766 in my hl topics. I take math analysis, econ, and theatre as my HL. I'm applying to BSc Environment and Sustainable Development with Economics. I'm freaking out because I'm just in boarder of the requirement of 766 and my 7 is theatre... I believe my personal statement is pretty solid with good evidence of work experiences. Would I have a chance to earn a conditional offer from lse.... please be critical and realistic
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No-one can tell you if you will get an offer or not.

Its fine to have one risky choice, but make sure you other choices are more realistic, with at least one choice several grades below your predicted grades.
Be aware that LSE is mega-competitive. Not because it is 'better', but simply because its in London and because of its imagined 'glamour'. If even applying there stresses you out, it might be wise to rethink this - there are plenty of other excellent Unis you could apply to with these grades.
At the end of the day you don't need 5 offers back from your choices so there is no harm in applying if you are keen, so long as you are aware it would probably be a riskier choice.

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