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Is there any point in me applying to courses with my grades?

Bombed my alevels, got UUE, picked subjects which were way to hard for me combined with depression, I know they’re not really excuses anyway, was wanting to go Manchester, either uni and do some type of IT subject, shall I wait for clearing or is there no point in trying?
Have you considered doing resits?
Their grade requirements won't drop that low in clearing. As above, retaking is your best bet if your MH is in a better place.
Of course there is a point!, What was the purpose of you getting this far?.........Giving up is NOT an option. Confidence in your work is not always present, but have confidence in your improvement. DO NOT stride through life believing that what you do is permanent, cuz it is not!, Grades improve, they fall but they do not make you. You make them. Don't let measly scores define you, you define them. You create them, do not let them create you. THey do not control your mentality, you do, only YOU control your mentality. GO. TO. WORK., eliminate those thoughts, stop letting them consume you, get up and change it, don't let it change you!
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