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uni choices for chemistry

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Original post by asdf4s5d6gfs7
I've received my a-level results, and I'm planning to take a gap year and apply for 2024 entry, however I can't pick a 5th uni.

So far I have Bristol, Warwick, Imperial and Edinburgh on my shortlist, and I'm thinking of a safer option for my 5th but I'm having trouble choosing between them.
I'm also worried I'm being a bit too hopeful with these choices? However I've heard that universities are more likely to give you an offer if you have achieved grades and not predicted grades.

I'd prefer one that's not in London as I already have Imperial, and maybe in the south.

If anyone is currently studying chemistry I'd love to hear your experience, it would really help me with deciding!! :smile:

I'm a current chemistry student going into my second year at Cardiff University.

The only difference that will be made is that you will get an unconditional offer rather than a conditional offer (presuming) you have no more conditions to meet.

What grades have you achieved?
Are you looking at a BSc/MSc/Year in Industry/Year Abroad etc?
What sort of environment do you prefer?

Do you have any specific questions about studying chemistry?
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