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Is this boy just flirting with me or does he like me

So there’s this boy who I’ve known for 2 years we talk in class all the time but we’re not friends as in we speak outside class. I asked for his insta and he gave it to me that’s it. Like 2 years later I get told to sit next to him again, and he becomes so flirtatious. He would like pretend to turn off my laptop and be like haha. He would be like so your fair for your ethnicity, and would make of the girls who are form the same ethnicity who are much darker calling them blik. He was like at one time telling me my friends are so ugly which was so funny and I agreed because they were fake anyway. Then he touched my hand by accident and then held it and was like omg what is wrong with your hands they’re abnormally cold which is true.

Anyway one day he out his arm in his jacket and was like can you please take out my arm for me and I was like you can do it urself it’s easy and he was like no.
Then one time he was like you know I have a girl friend and I was like cool then he was all like she talks bad about you all the time she hates you

I was like Who is this girl and then he told me he was joking at the end of the lesson. Then the next week I was like how is ur girlfriend he was like when did I say that I’m not dating anyone.

He’s nice and so funny tho. One time i asked him to rate me cus he said everyone in this whole class is so ugly. Then he was like yu rate me and I gave him a 7-8 and h was like fine I give u a 7 too. But I don’t believe he actually gave ne a 7 I think it’s because I gave it first and I even told him that if it’s below a 7 then dont tell me.

When was was like rating me he was like I’m not into your ethnic race so idk if I can rate you. Then I was like just say it and he was like no u don’t understand I’m not into ______, and then he gave me a 7 clarifying that he’s not into ___ girls. I kind of agree cus me being ___ myself ____ boys are so ugly not in a rude way but most boys I’ve seen.

Anyway if he’s being so flirty with me why did he say he’s not into my ethnicity. Does he like me or is he just flirty

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