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Uni relationship - is it going anywhere?

I'm really hoping someone can offer some advice as I'm feeling so lost at the moment!
I met this guy about 4 weeks ago and we've been talking ever since. It moved very quickly and we both agreed to be exclusive after about a week (sounds ridiculous but we both hated the idea of us getting with other people) and now we see each other on average every other day, sometimes just in the evenings or on nights out and sometimes going for coffee/drinks in the day. We've met each others friends and spoken to family/friends about each other.
My problem is we go on Christmas break in just over 2 weeks, and I've no idea where we stand/how it will last 6 weeks of not seeing each other as we live very far apart. We both get on really well and its started to scare me how quickly I've developed feelings for this person. I don't know how to broach the subject of where we stand - is it too soon to commit to something proper? I'm just very aware that it has moved so quickly and I could get very hurt if he were to decide he didn't want to move forward.

Any advice would be much appreciated!!
That's why we shouldn't get too attached so early on in the relationship because we don't know what will become of it. But if you want to answer, why not just ask directly, thats how we find things out isn't it?
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How far apart is 'very far apart'?

It doesn't have to be 6 weeks away from each other, though. Why not have some time together before going home or return early, if possible? Meet in the middle, both geographically and time-wise? Keep in touch with phone and video call? And if the relationship doesn't survive those 6 weeks, it wasn't strong enough in the first place.

From someone who had a year apart from her boyfriend due to work and is still with him.

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