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Does he like her?

Does he like her?
They went on 2 dates they would watch series together on watch party, flirt etc but then they lost in touch coz he wasn't ready for a relationship
Then he came back after 5 months asked her if he should restart all this asked her out for a movie she said no
Then they just hungout as friends
Then he planned nightout and asked this if she will distract him while driving and when she says no he gets sad and he asks " don't you wanna make me happy"
So she is now like Ig Im in love with him
And now after that he didn't talk much as he has exams and he went offline
But she is like I can't stop thinking about him but I can't give him bj as I feel gross
She is like she wants to talk to him more he told her that he will go offline again and she said okay bubyeee and good night he didn't reply anything to that.
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Mmmm, that's an awful lot of detail about a relationship you're referring to in the third party.

Just ask him if he likes YOU...

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