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My best friend almost got me raped

Hi guys,

I want your opinion on this because I’ve heard from some friends that I’m being very irrational. A few years ago (2019), I went on a school trip to Paris. I was 14 at the time. This trip consisted of my year and the year above. We went via coach and I sat next to one of my closest friends, I’ll call her ‘J’, and I sat at the aisle seat, so was next to this guy, but on the other side of the aisle - I’ll call him ‘D’, who was 16 at the time, Throughout the journey and the overall trip, I spoke to ‘D’ a few times, where he mostly initiated the conversations. Two years later, my friend ‘J’ told me something that I personally found horrible. She told me that when we got off the coach and arrived at our hotel, she was talking to ‘D’ and he said that he wanted to have sex with me and she agreed that it would be a good idea. They then formulated a plan where during the night, he would come to our room (the room I shared with ‘J’) and she would leave and he could ‘do whatever he wanted to me’. Apparently someone else heard this conversation and warned me via ig that ‘D’ was coming to my room and to ‘be careful’ but I didn’t take this seriously and thought it was a joke. Anyway long story short, he knocked on our door at around 2am, but one of the teachers caught him and told him to go back to his floor (rooms were separated on different floors for girls and boys). I cant stop thinking about what would’ve happened if that teacher didn’t stop him. Anyway, I stopped talking to ‘J’ after she told me this and now a lot of my friends and even her think I’m being very unreasonable to ‘drag this out’. Also bear in mind, whilst ‘J’ was telling me this two years later, she found it hilarious as if it was a prank. Opinions please, am I being unreasonable?
Nope, not being unreasonable. Good riddance to them.
Original post by Admit-One
Nope, not being unreasonable. Good riddance to them.

Couldn't agree more. That is not a prank. That is not funny. It is a person conspiring with another to subject you to a very serious crime. You are not overreacting in the slightest. You don't need them or anyone who thinks you're being unreasonable.
I am so sorry. That’s so out of order and you are definitely not being unreasonable

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