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HireRight Screening Soon - Please advise


So I have a HireRight screening soon for an internship. I have a few questions.

Firstly, I did my GCSEs at a high school, then did a course at a college for 1 year, then returned to the same high school/sixth form to do my a levels. On my CV, I just put that I stayed at the high school/sixth form the whole time, listing my GCSEs and A-levels. Will this be an issue? What should I put on the form?

Secondly, I think I slightly messed up one of the dates of a job, I started early February (literally first few days in the month) but accidentally put January. Will this be an issue and should I put the correct date on the HireRight form.

Finally, I have a committee position for on of my uni societies, and did a virtual internship that was open to everyone. These roles didn't have a manager or employment so I'm thinking it's best to just leave them off the HireRight form?

Sorry for the long message, thanks in advance.

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