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Will UCAS update immediately after I get an offer?
Original post by daisy_dream
Will UCAS update immediately after I get an offer?

I think so... I don't really know how it works.

You'll get an email from ucas after you have received an offer or rejection saying that there is an update to your application, and then you have to log in to ucas to see what it is (and hopefully something good!). The emails I got were timed to about 20 minutes after the ucas websites says the offer was received.

There really is no point refreshing ucas every 5 minutes to check. Most offers don't get sent out for ages, and when they do they come at the most unexpected times.

Hope this helps :smile:
Yes, in theory Hub should update first, then you should receive an email notification from UCAS about an update.

Sometime after that you may receive an email directly from the uni. Although some unis are very bad at timing things and send it too early, before UCAS has updated.

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