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so confusing HEEEELP

Hi I'm an international student. I already applied for 3 uni in UCAS and I applied directly one more uni because I forgot to apply to it.

If I get accepted from direct apply and offered a place, then would there be any problems with my choices in UCAS?
As long as I don't accept the offer from direct application, there is no issue with UCAS choices right..?

So far, I haven't receive any result yet. But I think I would go with the uni in UCAS... help me this is my first time applying to uni so confused
(Just as a note to others, you can add additional choices in UCAS up to a maximum of five, so there is no need to use direct apply in these circumstances.)

It's my understanding that if you receive an offer from the direct apply choice and want to accept it, the uni has to process it via UCAS anyway. I believe the process is similar to adding a clearing choice, so you'd have to have declined all the current UCAS courses first. If there is any muddle, you can always call UCAS and tell them what you're trying to do.

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