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Student Maintenance loan question

hi !! I have a question about maintenance loans and didn't know where to ask so sorry if this is the wrong place haha. So, my household income currently is 23k which means I can get a 10k annual maintenance loan. However, in December my family is moving in with my mom's boyfriend. Our household income will be 70k which is very high and I'll be able to receive only 4.5k a year. However, I've done some math and I've worked out that with the cheapest dorm at my first choice uni I'll still only have 50£ a month to survive on (without rent). Although my household income is higher, I won't receive money from my mother's boyfriend because we don't get along and my mom will still be making the same amount (and I don't want to rely on her financially unless I'm about too starve to death lol). Is there any way I can argue I'm only financially responsible on my mother? Because although I'm not very good with money I dont think £50 a month is enough to survive on? I've looked at scholarships and bursaries and grants but I'm eligible for none because I'm not good at sports music or academics and my household income will be too high. Thank you and all advice is appreciated because I am so lost lol.
Hi there. We do take the household income into account. This includes cohabiting partners, even if they do not support you financially. The only way not to use parental income is if you can be classed as an independent student. More information can be found here:

Thanks, Leah.

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