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Do guys like this?

Hi, so ive been friends with this guy for almost 6 months now. We usually text daily. We both know we like each other, but arent dating yet for other reasons. We get along really well and have a lovely connection. when we first met it was in the summer, and he would text a lot more often, this died down once school started. I assume its because of school. As of late, i have been the one texting more recently, like double texting. Last week he was on vacation so we didnt talk much (good reason, no problem there), but the week before he would double text me often and stuff. This has happened before, where he would have an off week and id be the one texting more or have more detailed messages. I dont mind this, as long as I know its not because he lost feelings for me or if im annoying him. He has ADD and is bad at replying on the phone (so ive heard from one of our mutual friends). In early October i believe, or late September, he didnt text me back for four days. Everythingw as great in person, so i asked him about it and he apologized and said he genuinly forgot. This week his replies have been sort of dry. Im just deatly afraid of annoying him. Ive asked him about it twice before and he said he just gets busy and it takes a while to reply sometimes, and he said he doesnt mind that i text him twice in a row.
My main point is, do guys like this stuff? He said its okay with him but sometimes his rpelies arent enthusiastic, even tho he responds. Idk if hes trying to play it cool.
Apologies for any grammar errors, im on a laptop.
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Do guys like what 'stuff'? Texting? Lots of texts? Double texts? To be honest, that could get annoying. He's only a friend so it doesn't matter if you go several days without texting, especially if it's just general chat.

If you want instant replies and a proper conversation, pick up the phone and talk to him when you're not together.
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It wouldnt bother me in the slightest but then again I would have multiple devices that would see the same messages I would glance it at some point.

Everyone is different, he has sent double texts. So I think he doesn't mind it at all.

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