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Is my friend ok?

I called my childhood friend of 9 yrs (we usually talk most days) and she was saying how she is planning to go to a religious in 2 years and asked me if I wanted to come i said that it's way out of my budget and I don't really know what my financial situation will be like. She further added that I can start saving up for 2 years until then and I clearly stated I wasn't interested at the moment. (she is married) My friend said that her husbands family will be joining and I don't have to interact with them or anything. Then she went on to lecture me talking about the trip and how tommorow might be my last or something.
She got mad at me because I didnt want to join her on the trip and abruptly ended the call.

Was I wrong, I'm not sure why she's acting like this. need a different perspective on this. Thx
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I meant religious trip***

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