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Do universities prefer achieved grades vs predicted?

I've heard some statistic saying that 85% of people are over predicted by their school. Does this mean that universities see applicants with 3 achieved A* as stronger than someone with 3A* predicted?

Because their school could be lying/ they might have cheated in a mock (this happened in my school as b students got a*s).

Or is that statistic completely made up and universities don't care whether its achieved or expected.
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What do you mean by 'prefer'?
Original post by McGinger
What do you mean by 'prefer'?

More likely to rate, or give an offer to ...?
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Original post by McGinger
What do you mean by 'prefer'?

its pretty obvious what i mean :smile:
The person involved with ucas at my school said that actually achieved grades are more likely to get you an offer
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Admissions staff work through applications in date order.
If you meet their current 'make an offer' conditions you get an offer.
They don't go looking for those with achieved grades first.
The last posters comments are correct in most cases. However for very competitive universities and courses especially in London you might not get an offer even if you exceed the standard grades

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