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Am I just overthinking?

Hey, 19 year old guy there. A little more than 1 week ago I met a girl (18) on a dating app. She requested me so I accepted girls since I thought she looks beautiful. We immediately clicked and we are talking about various topics and I have to say that conversation is flowing really great. We compliment eachother sometimes and yesterday we were flirting a little. It's too soon to say but for now I like how she thinks and I think she is really nice but like I said it's too soon to say for eachother that we are that nice etc. I want to take things slow because of my last breakup with my ex because od her trying to cheat on me, so I learnt that it's better to take things slowly for future relationships and it also feels much better this way. I can feel that she likes me, she also responded well yesterday when we were talking something about food and I told her I'm a great cook and yes I can say I'm a really good cook, we were flirting in like a way that who knows maybe I will cook something for her in the future and that things. I can tell she loved it and responded well. The only thing is that I almost always initiate conversation, even though she responds to me quite fast. She initiated it also few days ago but I'm almost always the one that does. I know it's mostly in girls nature to wait for a guy to text them but I don't judge that. I'm wondering just if I should maybe wait for her sometimes to text me or just forget about that thing who texts first and just text her whenever I want and if we should maybe text less because now we text wachother almost everyday but it's true that we met little less than 2 weeks ago. I'm just wondering how I should act, that's all, because I think she is beautiful on the outside and inside for now...

Thank you and regards
In all honesty you should be thinking about asking to meet up because a) that'll tell you whether you are both interested beyond chatting, b) it'll stop you overthinking the speed of messages and their replies, c) if you do meet up you'll quickly find out whether there's mutual interest before you emtionally overcommit.
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Can't understand people who try to live out dating and relationships on text. You have a phone - call and have a proper back-and-forth or meet up and talk face-to-face! That's how it will be in real life, so see if you can sustain a conversation together. If you can't, there's no point continuing.

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